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Gurukul Vidyapeeth is not just a school, it’s a way of life. It gives a child a balanced development of body, mind, heart and spirit. We provide hands on interactive and accelerated method of teaching, leveled systematically from easy to difficult, the Tier books and Maxim books set clear standard. The ongoing diagnostic and formative feed along with self evaluation make children better partners in their own learning process, practice materials focus on the application of lesson learned, accelerated learning is facilitated by a highly scientific and systemic process. The core subject begins with dramatic presentation and hands on interactive presentation. We provide the study materials as, course books, integrative and creative workbooks, fully integrated teacher and parent’s guidelines, English reading programme complete with story book and reading logs, assessments that inspire and empower. More..

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Dear Parents & Students
It is nice to greet you all! May this session bring in the desired fruits to each one of you! ‘Have you ever watched a weaver bird making its nest or an ant carrying a load heavier than itself ‘? The beautiful nature is full of such examples which illustrates that every experience is a learning & challenging experience. More..

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