Chairman Message

"Dear Parents & Students"

It is a matter of privilege and joy for me to share with you that Gurukul Vidyapeeth, Jind is propelled on the path of buoyant progress. Gurukul Vidyapeeth is offering education which revolves around truth, transparency and commitment. Whatever we think, we say and whatever we say, we do and we never compromise on quality. We strongly believe in the fact of environment a student studies in, is equally important for effective learning. We ensure our students study in an enabling environment equipped with proper classrooms to keep them stress free. There is a lush green frontier play ground and flashed incandescence in the portfolio of education especially for providing quality education which is built of a solid foundation of knowledge, development of personality and self-discipline in your little angels from pre-primary level to Sr. Secondary level. Gurukul Vidyapeeth programmes for ethics and social comprehensive all set to create a new landmark in school education.


Mr. Rajesh Swarup Ji Maharaj

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