Principal Message

"Dear Parents & Students"

It is nice to greet you all! May this session bring in the desired fruits to each one of you! ‘Have you ever watched a weaver bird making its nest or an ant carrying a load heavier than itself ?’ The beautiful nature is full of such examples which illustrates that every experience is a learning & challenging experience. Jacques Delores has rightly said that “Education is based on the four pillars “learning to be, learning to know each other, learning to do & learning to live & share together.’’ “School, the abode of learning” influences the all round development of pupil. Education synonyms being breeding, civilization, coaching, cultivation, culture, development, discipline, training, tutoring etc. It accompanies many things which short mean an overall development of a student. As we all know “Time & Tide waits for none” Time is valuable & precious.

Effective time management is the need of the hour, need of the student, the teacher as well as the parent. Students need to be ALERT, to be an OPTIMISTIC WORKER, to be CONFIDENT, to be an ACTIVE LEARNER to be PERSISTENT, to be GENEROUS, to be TEMPERATE, to be CHEERFUL and to be ONES OWN SELF.

We as teachers can play the role of facilities of learning by making children understand How to LEARN EFFECTIVELY rather than telling them WHAT TO LEARN.

Teachers need to deal with individual differences in order to make learning easier. Success of a nation depends on education of its people. Education has to be at the care of National Development of education system as it lays strong foundation for further learning. We often admire, appreciate, envy and are also awestruck at people who have climbed heights and reached the desired summits. But we remain in oblivious to the amount of hard work or labour put in by the individuals to reach the desires goals & heights.

One shall never repent hard work, toil & labour. “In a changing world, only the adaptable stay ahead. Everything is in a constant state of flux. Make adaptability one of your constants and welcome the NEW. Importance to the non scholastic areas in students’ life has always been part of the curriculum of all Gurukul Family and now with the implementation scheme by CBSE. It is surely going to make a major difference in our perspective towards this.

Parents need to devote quality time with their words. As parents, we need you to develop a class report with the school & the teachers, in order to smoothen the ups & downs in the child’s development. Let us all contribute to the all round development of the child & be enriched with learning experiences. I hope that Session 2019-2020 bring each one of us joy, cheer, good luck, health & wisdom. True to our motto ‘Service before Self’ let us serve others willingly graciously & selflessly. Let us not expect anything in return for our Service, because there is greater pleasure in giving than in receiving.


Mrs. Seema

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